When you are painting or repainting your home, it is common to accidentally get paint on your tile or grout. The final frontier for many homeowners is getting paint out of grout. Paint is a common household material, but it can also be stubborn to remove.

But how to get paint out of grout? Well, it’s not an easy feat, but there are some simple ways to do it. Even though the paint is water-based or oil-based, likely there are some ways that fresh or dried-out paint can be removed from your grout.

You may try scrubbing with a toothbrush, but this will probably only make the problem worse by pushing the paint deeper. In this article, we are going to show you effective ways to get paint out of grout easily.

What is Grout And Why Does It Matter?

What is Grout And Why Does It Matter

Grout is a thin layer that seals and fills the space between pavers or brick or tiles to form a strong foundation for your outdoor as well as indoor flooring. Grout helps protect against soil movement and accumulation by providing necessary protection beneath stones, concrete, and tiles so they will not crack, crumble or shift.

This “grouting” process prevents the sinking of one surface onto another, such as wood on concrete, which can cause potential water damage or mold/mildew issues.

The color of grout varies depending on the type you use – it comes in white, grey tones, and shades of browns, blacks, and blues: in general, whitish-grey is best in areas where dirt gathers.

Now that you understand what grout is and why it matters let’s get to the main topic of this article: how to get paint out of grout.


What to Do to Remove Paint from Grout?

There are a few ways to do this, but we will be focusing on the most effective methods. You can remove fresh paint or dried-out paint from grout. For

Removing fresh paint from the grout

1. Use a wet cloth to Remove Fresh Paint from Grout

Take a damp cloth and wipe the paint off from the grout. You can use warm water and soap for latex paint or a specially formulated grout cleaner.

For oil-based paint, use mineral spirits or paint thinner with a fine cloth and wipe off excess paint from the grout. Be sure to use quick wiping strokes not to spread the paint beyond your original spill.

2. Using Paint Stripper to Remove Fresh Paint from Grout

Using Paint Stripper to Remove Fresh Paint from Grout

You can also use a paint stripper solution on your grout and let it remain there for some time. The chemical reaction between the paint and the stripper will make the paint dissolve, and you will easily be able to wipe off all of it with a wet cloth or sponge.

Remove dried paint from the grout

1. Scrub the Area with a toothbrush

You will need a toothbrush and a solution made up of water and dish detergent or a grout cleaner made from vinegar for this method. This is one of the easiest ways to get dried paint out of grout.

Dip your toothbrush in the cleaning solution and scrub at the dried paint in small circular motions until all the paint has been removed. If you can still see traces of paint, apply more detergent and let it remain for about five minutes.

2. Ruining the Paint with Alcohol Solvent

Take a cotton ball and soak it in an alcohol solvent. This is also one of the easiest ways to get dried paint out of the grout, especially when you are dealing with oil-based paint.

Dip the cotton ball into the cleaning solution and rub at the dried paint stains on your grout in small circular motions until all traces of paint have been removed.

Do not pour the rubbing alcohol solvent on your grout or pour it directly on the paint. Otherwise it will be absorbed into the grout and damage your surface. So it is advised to be careful while using this method in removing paint from grout.

3. Using the Comercial Solvent

If you are not interested in using the DIY methods to get paint out of the grout, you can also use a commercial solvent specifically made for paint removal.

This type of solvent is available at your local hardware store and is very useful to remove dried paint from grout. It will rapidly break down dried-in latex or oil-based paints until they are no longer sticky.

While dealing with it, just ensure you read the instructions on applying it and protect your eyes, nose, lungs, and skin while using these chemicals.

4. Using Mineral Spirits

Using Mineral Spirits

You can also use mineral spirits as a solvent for paint. Mineral spirits are usually petroleum-based products and are used as an alternative to turpentine.

It works the same way as commercial solvents by breaking down dried paint until it becomes loose and can be wiped off your grout with ease, but it is less harsh than other commercial solvents.

No matter what remover or which method you use, make sure to remove the paint in small circular motions. Do not use pressure when you are removing dried paint from grout. Otherwise, it can damage your grout.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid using these chemicals on your skin directly and ensure that you use them in a well-ventilated area to prevent inhalation or skin irritation.


It can be difficult to remove paint from grout, but with a few simple tricks, you’ll have it all sorted out in no time. Whether you’re dealing with fresh or dried paint on your grout, the above methods should help you get the job done quickly and easily.